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Yilong Counting Packaging Machine

counting packaging machine

Yilong Counting Packaging Machine

Our product accuracy is 100%

We assemble complete packing solutions for multiple industries. We provide counting machines for the pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural industries.
For our pharmaceutical industry we can count any kind of pills, capsules or tablets as we can do in our agricultural business: we count and pack bulbs, potatoes and many more. Finally, we have industrial piece counting machines for all other products which need to be counted.

pouches /bottle

bag type and size range

100% guaranteed counting accuracy

Pack compacity

For the pharmaceutical,food industrial, agricultural industries,medicine

Available Products






16 lines counting machine


00-5# capsules, soft gels, ф5.5-22 normal tablets, ф3-20 pills

special shape tablets, coating tablets,and some other solid granules


2090 BPM

Air source and consumption -->


1. Wide applicability, used for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels

   (including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid


2. 24 tunnels vibration feeding, special patent filling part, feeding evenly, no breakage of the material.

3. Anti-dust, using our own original high anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works accurately with good stability in heavy dust conditions.

4. Count accurate: photoelectric sensor automatic counting and bottling error is less than the national standard.

5. Hopper mouth of the special structure, to prevent the materials jam, small mouth bottle can quickly bottling.(Optional).

6. High-degree of automatic, no bottle will not count and fill. Automatically remove bottle of filling abnormalities and a certain size broken tablets. Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors.

7. Easy to operate: Using intelligent design, in Chinese or Chinese-English menu, various operation parameters according to the need to set, can store 10 groups set parameters, in order to use.

8. Easy to Maintenance, workers can work with simple training, easy to remove、clean、change parts, and no need tools.





Photoelectric sensors

Microchip chip is from U.S, TAIWAN photoelectric element

Counting photoelectric sensor system

Microchip chip is from U.S, TAIWAN photoelectric element

Pneumatic components

Air tac

Leakage protection




Control Panel

Microchip chip is from U.S, TAIWAN photoelectric element


HITECH(Beijer Electronics Co., Ltd.),touch screen Chinese & English Menu.


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